Nhắm mắt thấy Paris (May 2010)

A typical story line of this writer:

1) a super talented and “naive” and “immature” Vietnamese girl with her great background and found already a high position internationally and is on her way to success.
2) she met some cute foreign guys and deep inside, she wants to get in beds with them, luckilly she is refrained by Vietnamese traditional “Khong Tu” values and decides not to.
3) she falls in a complicated relationship with that cute guys, who is so mature, and acts exactly like a “immature” puberty girl. Sorry she makes readers mostly vomit all their dinner.
4) She absolutely must face with some very treacherous “adversaries” but she wins. Like a fairy tale ^__^
Happy Ending.

However, Duong Thuy brings a new breeze of beautiful foreign cold and luxurious air to Vietnam’s hot and poor and dirty weather. She knows how to tell story and understand her specific character.