Eating Saturday (August 2010)

I love starving myself for half a month and then fatten up with tons of delicious food. And I guess I am not the one who have that lovely-celebrity habit, others from my last-department do also.  And times in years, people reach one another in e-mails, to invite for a special occasion, very compelling, ‘let’s get together for our 18th happy birthday”. lol


The meal last for a record of 4 hours, with wine and all kind of rumors discussed over and over.I love a meal served in French style, visitors can eat while the hosts cooking, and usually we hold on wines and jokes to break among prestigious dishes.


Then it’s time when people descended to a stage when they’re unable to eat anymore. It’s mind-soothing when you sit on your boss’ living room and have friends lying around. Happiness can be of this laziness and team-building can be of this silent conversations. But I know that’s the strange observance of mine only. Having eaten a fabulous barbeque, hardly one can still speak and listen accurately as they may wish to. The air-conditioner does its job quite well and I feel cozy like home, listening to some Yellow Music (god, it’s my boss’ fav) and safely enjoying the overwhelming scene of the stormy weather outside. Saturday Aug 2010.