Lean in (Apr 2013)

Last week, I read Sheryl Sandberg’s biographyLean In. There is many things about this priviledged woman that we can learn from. By the time she joined Google, the company was not known and doesn’t sell like a monster as now. That also applied to her decision to join Facebook when it first labelled itself on the stock market. Replying to the question “Why sacrificing things when you can afford to have all?” she only has one answer: “One grew up to choose maturity. And real maturity comes when you learn to have only one priority and sacrify the others to commit”. That’s pretty much a lesson, no?

Change happens when you realize what you learned is completely wrong, too much priority isn’t a good choice unless you wanna lose everything.

This is a call to live fearlessly, a self-help book, a career management guide, and a feminist manifesto . . . It’s good you find it so interesting you could buy it for your sister in law.

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