Good bye Parrot

On a random night four years ago, I managed to meet Parrot every other night when we could sneak a little after-work time to meet and talk. I still remember Parrot always wore a skinny jean with some bright color t-shirts, speaking in high-pitching notes and occasionally would smoke, “just to run away from the stress.” Among two of us of the “other side”, Parrot was the high spirited and out-spoken one. On relationship matters, Parrot always insisted on his belief that I should “fight for your love, love is everything”. At twenties something, one can hardly believe in this seemingly teenage ideology anymore. And I always laughed so hard, knowing Parrot never had any serious relationship so as to be more experienced than myself. In that dark and cozy cafeteria, I always ask:  “Parrot, have you found your new boyfriend?”, Parrot always shook his head: “I wish I had”.

On another night, Parrot would say he wasn’t satisfied with his job anymore. I gasped. That was his fifth job in just a year. But like all of us, who permanently felt reckless, he decided to take a job leaping again. I was happy a few months afterward to hear that his new venture has gone just fine; But at the same time, we couldn’t meet just so easily anymore. And occasionally I wished our path would cross once again, in a meeting room, and talk like professionals, and laugh at ourselves for our pretention, or in any bars we used to visit, to dance, to chat…  But that will not happen anymore. We parted once and forever.

He was the unlucky. Parrot passed away at the age 27 because his brain stops working after an erroneous muscle surgery!?!. What a strange error it was! I wish the error did not happen or its consequences just came away. But during his comma in the hospital, it was confirmed that Toan was unable to wake up. He was just 27.

That number 27 always makes me shiver, thinking about the ill-fate that it signifies, and the gruesome year that we have just been through.

My friends sent to me what he sent to our group. It always felt very strangely reminiscing to read from your teenage friendhood, even though I always knew that we are all grownups now.

Parrot, somewhere in another world, I believe your soul will just travel in some quantum realm and laughs at all of this stupid stories I just wrote about. It’s so hard to say good bye when we are just about to start. But I believe this will not the end of your journey on this universe. You will start again, in a better life, with a handsome boyfriend, a passion that you love, and more importantly, a group of friends that are capable to love you even more than we do.

Bye for now, Parrot.


12/02/2016, 12:11 PM.