+ About BNDO

Updated in 2010


My name is Bryan Do, base in Sai Gon. I know a bit about communications to make a frugal life and write about the various aspects of my 20s something, art and work… which I treasure and would love to spend time on. Since 2010, DO SOMETHING is a thought catalogue to remind myself to always do something & don’t settle for too long.

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Updated in 2016


I am now working and travelling across Asia. Still doing communications and live a frugal live. I’m glad that in the past five years, there has always been a permanent audience who comes to read and share comments. Since 2016, DO SOMETHING will only serve as a commentary for literatures and a base for my sharing of creativity experiences. The blog will speak in Vietnamese and English and I believe this bi-lingual-ness would help me share thoughts more freely with the world.

Please keep in touch my dear friends, who has decided to come here. Hug, Bry.